Sara’s pseudo-win

Eitan, Emily, Gili, Sara, Nadine


Sara+, Nadine, Gili

We played this as a filler, Sara was happy to replay a game for once. She ended with a lot of cards, 3 of each. Gili and I had a lot of cards, but not more than one of each.

First Sparks

Emily 15+2, Gili 14+4, Nadine 14+1, Sara 13+1, Eitan 12+3

We all admired the great graphics and funny pictures, trying to discern gender and Homo sapiens and Neanderthals. The graphics are too good for the game to be able to live up to, but it’s much better with 5 than 3. It was close at the end, we didn’t know how the last round would come out. First play for Gili, Emily and Sara, but Gili has played Power Grid a lot. Eitan got Fire early, Gili got it later; I had Plow, and Sara had Intelligence and Speach. Emily had Speach, and won by getting Transport Sled.

In the second to last expansion, Emily and Eitan were at 10, and Gili and Sara went to 12. I had been at 10 and stayed there to be first to expand, but it wasn’t enough. Emily played well, staying back until the end. She had 30 food due to the Sled which let her keep 4 tools. Gili didn’t have enough money to go to 15, and even if she had Emily would still have won on food.

However, in the second to last round, Sara could have gone to 13 and won the game. She didn’t realize that no one else would be able to expand to 13 after she went, so she didn’t do it. We would have pointed it out if we had realized. So she actually was in the winning position. Next round she got less food than expected because the wrong amounts of food were left for her cards, so she could only place one person.

I expect the game to get more and more competitive as we get better at it. It took us a long time because we had to go over the rules, some of which aren’t completely clear. We used the recommended board configuration, which was challenging to set up for some reason, but we didn’t use the recommended placement.


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