Elisheva’s Alive

Jon, Eitan, Elisheva, Sara, Nadine

Kate is sick, and the others couldn’t come, Jon has to be in Jerusalem tomorrow morning. Despite being tired and punchy, Elisheva won both games handily.


Elisheva 15, 38, 6, 59 Eitan 11, 37, 6, 54 Jon 5, 34, 5, 44 Sara 8, 32, 1, 41 Nadine 6, 32, 1, 39
(Board, Tracks, Victory, Total)

Jon brought Endeavor because they’ve enjoyed playing it in Ra’anana. I still don’t find it so interesting, I’m not sure why. My third play, more for Jon, first time for the others, who all played very well. Elisheva had a lot of pieces on the board, everyone except me had a lot of cards. I started off strong in buildings, but was too slow with cards and people. Sara and Eitan had a lot of people.

It’s Alive

Elisheva 53, Jon 44, Nadine 33, Sara 32, Eitan 31

The Villagers were distributed pretty evenly, though Elisheva got more than one. She finished her board first. The game designer thinks there’s more luck in a 5-player game.


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