New Yorkers in our Walled City

Alana, Emily, Eitan, Eszter, Kate, Nadine, Manuel

Manuel is a Eurogamer visiting from NY, his first time in Israel. He contacted several gamers in Israel through bgg, he’s gamingfanatic7 there. Tomorrow he’s off to Tiberius. Alana is a game non-gamer visiting Emily and Eitan from NY.

Tonight is Megillah reading all over the world except in our few walled cities, Happy Purim everyone!


Emily and Eitan brought this, first play for everyone else We stopped once everyone arrived.  A very cute filler game requiring some planning.

El Grande

Emily 108, Eszter 93, Manuel 86, Alana 82

Emily taught this, and won handily, with Eszter also doing well at one of her favorite games. First play for Manuel and Alana.

First Sparks

Kate 13, Eitan 12, Nadine 11

We figured out how to play, I had played at bgg.con and it’s similar to Power Grid. Kate is a Power Grid expert, Eitan barely remembers the one time he played Power Grid. The game seemed to end quickly once we got going. We decided that it’s less interesting with 3 players – there’s less competition for food and spaces. Kate fell into the right strategy – she wasn’t able to get the extra technology cards that don’t count towards your limit, I had 3 and Eitan 1. In a longer game those pay off, but in a short game her more powerful food cards gave her the edge. She had enough food and early turn order advantages to build more, she was at 10 going into the last round and had enough food to build to 13. With more experience it’s possible that we could have offered more competition, Eitan pointed out that it was pretty close. In a way, but like in Power Grid, close is a tie decided by money/food.

Lo Ra

We had some time so decided on a quick game of Lo Ra. With very unusual tile draws the first round lasted over 45 minutes, so we ended at that point, including end of game scoring. So the scores don’t really count. We had barely any mosaics til the end, and tons of candles, animals and showbreads. First play for Alana and Manuel who both caught on well. Emily 16, Alana, Nadine and Kate, 14, Manuel 9.


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