Lots of Tiles

Kate, Sara, Elisheva, Gili, Eszter, Nadine

Eitan and Emily had exams and papers. Stormy and almost snowy weather, but Kate braved the elements and long bus ride with Chana Tova, who is walking nicely now.


Sara 11, Nadine 8, Kate 5, Elisheva 4, Gili -1

We played again since everyone was familiar with it, but set up chips by the rules. It’s more straighforward, I don’t know if it’s less fun. Gili walked in during the first round so she was able to join.


Elisheva 77, Nadine 74, Sara 66, Eszter 57, Kate 55, Gili 47

Eszter had a brand new version which we punched out. I started looking at the rules until I realized they were in Hungarian. While Eszter was trying to remember what Tom Vasel said in his video, I looked for the rules online, and also looked up previous plays on our blog. We played twice in 2005 and didn’t like the game much. I didn’t find rules but played Tom’s video which was a good way for everyone to learn the game, though we also needed some extra basic info from the game forum.

The graphics are very pretty, it’s tile placement and card management to purchase tiles. It’s not that interesting of a game, for the same reasons as last time – little interaction, nothing to do between turns – though they do go pretty fast, and a lot of luck. Especially with 6 players and fewer turns. Tom basically said the same thing – that the game is only good with expansions. Which we figure Eszter will get at some point.

Lo Ra

Nadine 46, Kate 34, Sara 30, Elisheva 19

First play for everyone except me. Sara was the last player standing in most rounds after everyone was out, and wasn’t too nervous to keep picking tiles. She lost out in the first round, but got a lot of valuable tiles the last round. I got ahead in baskets from the start, and managed to get animals and candles, and matching tribes which was coincidental. Sara had a lot of menorahs and got candles too. Elisheva had good tribe sets, but had a lot of negative points to overcome. I had the least money at the end. Kate had 3 animals each round. Everyone caught on to the timing auctions in relation to money concept.



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