Locusts, Harbors, Villagers, Starvation, and Dumping

Gili, Eszter, Kate, Emily, Sara, Elisheva, Nadine

Emily brought Sara and Elisheva, roommates getting Masters Degrees at Hebrew U, Sara in Linguistics and Elisheva in Statistics. Both serious gamers, good at learning, and playing, new games. They have Carcassonne with expansions and Settlers at their place. Eitan was studying for finals.


Emily 3 2 1, Gili 3 2 1, Sara 2 2 1, Elisheva 2 1 1, Nadine 3 3

I lost, and it felt like out of my control. But I should try the turn a new card option. There were a lot of turns where I couldn’t do anything, others had that too but not as much. Sara got a lot of cards harvested early on. At least having nothing in front of me meant I wasn’t affected by the Plague of Locusts.

Puerto Rico

Elisheva 23 14 5 42
Nadine 12 18 8 38
Sara 24 13 37
Kate 13 13
(shipping, buildings, bonus, total)

Fun to teach and play with new players, first play for Sara and Elisheva. Kate plays a lot with Moshe on four boards, I thought she’d win. But she plays very differently than you’re supposed to than we do. We both found that interesting. She likes Hospice and also University though she didn’t get either one this game. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone get University, even online, except for points. She had a Large and Small Warehouse by the end, Factory and lots of goods, but not enough colonists, partly due to not taking Hospice. And at one point she was producing two tobaccos and no corn, even though she had 3 corns and Factory.  I got tobacco at the beginning but bought an Indigo Plant, and Factory, before a Tobacco building, so two other players got the building before me and I didn’t get to trade it.

We gave a lot of advice at the beginning, and some during the game. Sara and Elisheva caught on but were helped, mostly with building strategy. Sara bought a Large Warehouse instead of a small one relatively late in the game, and ended up without a big building because of it. I had said something, but she didn’t think she’d have a money flow problem because she got money easily with her coffee monopoly. Sara and Elisheva had Harbors on our recommendation. They both shipped well. Elisheva got Hospice on Kate’s recommendation and played it well. Everyone took mayor a lot, which helped with Hospice preparation, and it ended the game unexpectedly but Sara let it stay instead of undoing it. It took me a long time to get my goods going for Factory, caused by buying Factory before having production buildings. I’ve never had so few shipping points. Elisheva had Customs House, I had Guild Hall, the only large buildings. Sara and Elisheva really like the game, of course. I taught it my way which worked well with them.

It’s Alive

Sara 56, Elisheva 44, Kate 39, Nadine 32

Guess which two had 2 and 3 Villager cards, and which two had none? I wouldn’t have won anyway, but it’s handy to blame the game designer. Kate and I were also last in turn order. First play except for me, they liked it as a cute filler. We played the advanced game, Sara finished her board first.


Gili 99, Emily 81, Eszter 80

First play for Eszter, second for Gili. Gili wanted to play this, they all said it was a good game. Gili used a starvation strategy, looks like it worked.


Sara 19, Elisheva 9, Kate 5, Nadine 6

I did terribly, I only got matching point chips at the very end. Sara dumped 4 cards, we all dumped. We played with random chip piles, I think I want to go back to the regular rules.


Kate brought this, Moshe has it to review. A card game that she says is good despite terrible, or rather, no graphics, bad rulebook, and boring titles like Corporate Structure. She showed us how it works but we didn’t play.


2 thoughts on “Locusts, Harbors, Villagers, Starvation, and Dumping

  1. Actually, I used a starvation strategy and forced it on Gili, causing her to lose some points… I used it on Games Day during Chanukkah and it did work but here not as well.

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