Everyone hates me

Eitan, Gili, Ezster, Jon, Nadine

  1st Before 2nd 2nd Before final final
Jon – yellow 29 44 60 66 85
Eitan – green 41 51 64 70 88
Eszter – red 30 51 68 68 90
Gili – brown 40 59 74 87 101
Nadine – blue 31 42 70 90 105

El Grande is a lot more fun than Power Grid has been lately, possibly because we’ve been playing on France. I got home late today and was distracted by getting things set up, eating, and helping a friend get ready for a conference, so I wasn’t paying much attention for the first 5 rounds. Gili said it would be really upsetting if I won anyway. Before we started Jon said I was going to win because I always do which isn’t true, Kate won last time. Though I do have a good track record in 5-player El Grande. I was in last place before the second scoring. Usually I like to take the king a lot to get pieces on the board, but I only took the king once this game. I did well with special scoring, and I took low cards twice where the others lost pieces from the board, because that’s what was left.

I forgot how many pieces I had in the Castillo in the last round, though it ended up not reducing my points; we had the Score the Castillo card before the 2nd scoring, which helped me because I didn’t know how many I had, much less everyone else. Eitan did a good job keeping track of what everyone had, Gili did too at the end, and she played very well overall. Having Galicia as my province helped because it’s out of the way and less competitive. People moved their grandes around more than usual. Eszter was strong in a few good regions, but Gili took and didn’t use the special scoring card that would have given Eszter a lot of points. Jon had bad luck when he played the 1-13 combination for the 1st scoring because the second Move the King card came up.

For the last round, the Veto came up, and we decided to redraw because it’s barely useful at the end. We did the same with the Take Back a Powercard. But with the Veto, Send Back from Your Court and Vetos kept coming up as replacements. We finally ended up with Send Back 3 Caballeros from the Board or Your Court which helped me because I had enough in my court. Jon ruined the game for Eitan by not playing Eitan’s favorite card, the Secretly Choose a Region to Score, where it doesn’t score if more than one player picks the same region.


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