December 28, 2011

Mace, Gili, Eitan, Emily, Nadine

Eszter, Bill and Shirley couldn’t make it. Mace’s last time, he leaves again on Monday.

Gili’s waiting to play London, but it’s 4 player, so we postponed it.


Eitan won, then Mace, Emily, Gili and me. I had two cards, I kept losing to the locusts. I don’t even think I could have done much differently, so it’s a lot of luck. Eitan didn’t even understand the scoring and he won, he thought it was most cards. Which does help.


Mace 41, Nadine 36, Emily 33, Gili 29, Eitan 24

Emily and Eitan had never played. First play with my new used game from the math trade. I’m not used to setting up, we were confused at first until we realized we were on the wrong side of the main board, I didn’t even know there were two sides. Emily like it, Eitan didn’t like how slow it was with 5 players. Mace and I spent a lot of time trying to order real food. Two restaurants didn’t answer, another had a different number, it took a while. I have the expansion which we didn’t use, the game is complicated enough without it. I spent some time trying to figure out whether to plow two vegetables or a grain and vegetable, but that didn’t hold up the next player. I had five family members, Mace also. He had very synergestic cards with lots of grain and plowing. I could get a vegetable on Day Laborer, and get 5 food per vegetable. Emily did very well for her first play, she had no empty spaces. Eitan got 8 bonus points from cards, but didn’t fill in most of his board. Gili got a field anytime someone plowed. Eitan said we needed Yehuda to add up the points, it took 3 people.


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