December 15, 2010

Participants: Jon, Nadine, Gili, Nechama, Binyamin, Mace

This report is done without notes and a few days after the session, so it’s pretty anemic in terms of facts. I sold off a number of games to Binyamin. Making room for a few games on the way.


Nadine+, Jon

I was sent this game in prototype form (pretty well done for a prototype, actually) to review. The game is, as of this posting, on Kickstarter.

The theme is the Cold War of 1955. Two players use card-driven mechanics to achieve political influence in 6 countries. On your turn, you play two cards, refill your hand, and move your spy. You win if you gain control of your opponent’s country or if you gain control of any three countries.

The game immediately stuck in my head as “1960-lite”. Cards allow you to either add the influence to the location identified on the card (or your home country or the country in which your spy is) or let you take the special action, but not both.

I sent some comments to the publisher. When I get a response, I will post a review on Purple Pawn.

Nadine and I each secured our own countries and one other. We fought back and forth for the remaining countries, and Nadine took it in a surprise victory.

Nadine, Gili

They played, but I don’t think they finished the game.


Binyamin 110ish, Nechama 94, Jon 91

Binyamin brought his copy and taught us. It’s a fantastic game by the creator of Antike, also with a rondel, but this time with no direct confrontation. You can only take items that others need before they get to them. It’s a tight economic game, and if you don’t have your engine going early, you’re in trouble, like I was. I finished much higher than I anticipated, actually.

A must-buy for our group. I was planning on buying Shipyard, and now I think I need both.

Louis XIV

Mace, Nadine, Gili

I don’t remember what happened, except that they all ended with the same number of completed missions.

Schotten Totten

Binyamin, Jon

Binyamin was going to buy this from me, but he didn’t. I had never actually played, so he taught me. It’s actually better than I expected, since Lost Cities is always held as a great two-player card game and I never liked it. This is better. Luck with the special cards plays too big a role, however. Either we didn’t know what we were doing (we only had the German instructions and the symbols on the special cards are worthless, so that’s possible) or we need to find a way to equalize the cards or just play without them.


Jon, Mace, Binyamin, Nadine

I don’t even remember who partnered with whom.


One thought on “December 15, 2010

  1. Gili and I finished 1955, I won, partly because after playing with Yehuda I understood the bonus cards. We both liked the game. Gili did a good job winning Louis XIV considering that she went first twice. Mace took advantage of being last, but it was only his second time playing. Gili had about 14 coats of arms, Mace 9 and me 4.Nadine

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