November 25, 2009

Participants: Nadine, Hersh, Navot, Gili.

Once again, and hopefully the last time for now, Nadine hosted and wrote the session report … take it away Nadine.

Small, short and fun session tonight. I think we’re back at Jon’s next week. Maybe depending on his airline saga.

Hersh brought Galaxy Trucker, and Pandemic. I thought his knowing the game would be more of an advantage than it ended up being, because of the luck involved. There’s also planning/building, not my strong point so I need the luck. I was happy to not end up with a negative score. Navot did very well, he built good ships, partly based on looking at the cards to see what was coming. He prepared with lots of lasers and alien lasers. Hersh then remembered that you can only have one alien of each type, but we let him keep the extra two since he didn’t know. Gili and I lost points here and there for not knowing things, Gili only understood on the third round that she could pick up face up tiles. It’s fun and fast once you understand the game which takes a while.

Navot 45
Gili 12
Hersh 11
Nadine 2

Some people needed to leave and most didn’t want a long game. We introduced Navot to Jon’s game [It’s Alive], he asked about the development process, which Hersh also hadn’t heard, and Hersh hadn’t played the advanced version. I won, mainly due to luck – I was the only one who didn’t get a Villager (also the only one who didn’t draw any Coffins – everyone sold them), and at the end when I needed one card, I drew it and had the money to finish first, which is pretty much all I try for even in the advanced version. Hersh had 3 more points from leftover money that was over the total amount allowed to count.

Nadine 48
Gili 44
Hersh 40
Navot 36

My BBG Secret Santa in Germany already received his gift and emailed me. Puerto Rico – he has tons of games but not that one, shouldn’t be allowed.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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