November 04, 2009

Participants: Nadine, David, Eitan, Emily, Gili

I’m away for the month; game night was at Nadine’s. The following report is from Nadine.


David, Eitan, Nadine

David on the second round when Eitan picked a random card out of David’s hand, which did it.

Amun Re

David 41, Gili 36, Eitan 35, Nadine 32, Emily 30

Half and end scores:
Eitan 18, 35
David 14, 41
Emily 13, 30
Nadine 10, 32
Gili 8, 36

First play for Eitan and Emily. David plays in online tournaments. Emily didn’t realize that bricks counted in most pyramids, but Gili probably would have beat her for most pyramids in any case but it might have been more competitive. A lot of duplicate power cards, I got 5 of the move the temple count.


Nadine and Eitan 200, David and Emily 100

But it was close, D&E lost because David called Tichu on the first game and
didn’t make it. Second game with more experience Emily could have gone out
third instead of last.


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