April 22, 2009

Participants: Gili, Hershel, David K, Nadine, Jon

Game night was moved to Gili’s as I had some commitments.

Notre Dame

Gili 68, Nadine 64, David 59, Hershel 59

First play for Hershel. They started this before I got there. I didn’t really follow the game.

Princes of Florence

Hershel 55, Jon 54, Nadine 53, David, Gili

First play for Hershel. I didn’t note either David’s or Gili’s scores, but they were less than 50 and more than 40.

Both Gili and Nadine had 3 builders by the end of the game; Gili got hers on the first three rounds. David made a number of cascading mistakes, so that he was one WV away from playing his last work. Nadine only made one mistake, but it was forgetting to acquire the requirements on her prestige card, which lost her enough points to go from first to third. Nadine adds: I’d rather play well and lose ‘accidentally’ than play poorly and win ‘accidentally’.

Hershel bought prestige cards on rounds 1 and 2, and ended the game with 15 points from them, winning the game by a nose. I thought I played relatively perfectly, but it just wasn’t enough, I guess. I played a work on the first round, something I haven’t done for a while, though it earned me some financial security and gave me the best work on round 1. I also got best work on rounds 6 and 7 (the last with a 30 WV work).


2 thoughts on “April 22, 2009

  1. Recently got a copy of Prince of Florence and have been really enjoying it.Isn’t it always the case that your highest work values will be in turn 6 and 7 by virtue of the time required to accumulate the adds?Just a thought. 🙂

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