September 10, 2008

Participants: Gili, Nadine, Hillel

I was in Hungary, so Gili hosted game night at her house. This report was written by Nadine.


Gili, Nadine

An abstract where you try to place 5 in a row, and can rotate quarters of the board.

Princes of Florence

Gili, Nadine, Hillel

Gili won by two points, Nadine came in second. Hillel played 7 works to our 5, but only built one building. He had two Jesters after two rounds.


Gili, Nadine, Hillel

Nadine won by one point, Hillel was second, his first play. He tied with each of us after the first half to get most pyramids on both sides of the river. Gili got a lot of extra farmers and 8 incomes, and for her bribe items at the end of the game took one card, which was a bonus card she needed.


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