July 16, 2008

Participants: Jon, David K, Gili, Saarya

Two guests! As much as the combined number from the last two weeks. Why, at this Fibonacci rate, the whole planet will be at my group by the end of the year!


Jon, Gili

Gili and I played half a game while we were waiting. I was ahead a bit.

Notre Dame

David 57, Jon 55, Gili, Saarya

Saarya’s first play. I played a very balanced game, ignoring the VP track but putting two into Park. In the very last round, I ran out of money and couldn’t buy the last favor, costing me the game. David skipped Notre Dame in the last triad, but took the last favor of 3 VP for each 3 populated province for 10 points (with Park). He also had his VP track going, so I avoided passing him VP track cards, but didn’t use them myself.

Saarya concurs with the rest the rest of us that a tad more control would be slightly better.

Cities and Knights of Catan

David 11, Gili 5, Jon 5

My rule is that I’ll play this game with an alternate win condition: that you win if you have five more points than second place. Keeps the game from going on too long, and makes jockeying for Longest Road somewhat more interesting at the middle of the game.

I had 4 points more than either of them near the beginning, owing to defending the island once and having Longest Road. David stole my knight, so that he then collected three defender points while I stalled for resources. I beat Gili out to a wheat port, but, though situated on an 8/5 wheat, never got to use it. David won the game when he took Longest Road from me.

David feels that a better alternate rule is that you win if you are four points ahead of second place, not counting Longest Road (he doesn’t like the LR jockeying, and anyway the point is to prevent a won game from dragging on).

Magic: the Gathering

David++, Jon

We drafted for decks, but I drafted far too many rather than too few creatures, for once. May lack of utility made me unable to pass his defenses, while he had a few spells that could pass mine. My lack of red mana in the first game, and then slow start to green mana in the second, didn’t help.

3 thoughts on “July 16, 2008

  1. “Why, at this Fibonacci rate, the whole planet will be at my group by the end of the year!”Within a year would have been correct, with almost a factor of 10 to spare. But by the end of the year you will only have a meager 167,761 participants (unless I am off by one in my exponent)P.S. Yes, I am an xxx retentive mathematician 🙂

  2. Nearly always a Rochester Draft from a 90 card pool picked randomly from all my cards.Occasionally, I will take 20 of each color plus 20 colorless, mix, separate out 90, and then Rochester Draft from those.Yehuda

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