Attendees: Yehuda, Ben, Moshe, Saarya, Yacov, Roy

Game 1: Moshe and Saarya played Carcassonne: Hunters and Gatherers. I had to finish a programming project šŸ˜¦ . Moshe is a relatively new player. Saarya won.

Game 2: Moshe and Saarya played Take 6 while I finished my project. Moshe won.

Game 3: While this was going on, I finished, and Ben showed up, so I introduced both of us to Lost Cities, using a home made deck. I’m sure there is a lot of strategy in there, but Ben ended up with a fist full of 2s and 4s, and I got all the 7s, 9s and 10s and bonuses. I won. I am sure we played it wrong. Time to look up the instructions on BGG…

Yup, we played it wrong. Next time…

Game 4: Roy showed up, and I introduced us all to David and Goliath, using the same home made deck we played Lost Cities with. Noone knew what was flying, but it really did turn out to be an interesting game, despite its simple components. Will have to play again. Moshe won this one.

OK, we played this slightly wrong, too, by having David take both his and Goliath’s cards, instead of just Goliath’s card. First time play is always exciting!

Game 5: Moshe left, and Yacov showed up, and what can you play with 5 players besides Puerto Rico, straight up? I did my usual, but for a 5 player game, I decided to take Sm Warehouse and Wharf, passing up Harbor since 5 players is a lot more chaotic, and shipping is less available. Ben and Saarya were close competition, especially once Saarya, on my right, took a coffee to bust my coffee monopoly. Ben got the first Tobacco trades. I did win, but it really is about the fun. A fun game, all around.


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