I win and lose

Lords of Waterdeep

Nadine 136 Aaron 135 Jon 96 Yonah 94

First play for Yonah. First time ever that I’ve won this, I usually don’t do well. At the end we thought Aaron would win, but I had more cubes left. I wanted to complete another Quest, which would have cost cubes, I couldn’t get all the one I needed for any of my 3 Quests left because I needed money. I may have picked the wrong color cubes when I picked bonuses, but it’s hard to know which spaces will be left. Instead I bought a building, which gave me points, and I kept my cubes, so there wasn’t much difference. I didn’t start with any of my lord’s Quests, I completed one of them, Jon started with both. I did 6 lord ones, Aaron did 7. I went first, which let me buy a good building, though other people also bought buildings, and when I completed a Quest that gave me a building, there was a good one available. I played fewer Intrigues than the others, but more than I usually play which is zero. Jon was blocked a few times from getting the cubes he needed, but that happened to all of us. We played at a good pace.


Jon 34 Aaron 34 Yonah 31 Nadine 25

A new game of Aaron’s, first play for the rest of us. A very pretty abstract, with colorful 3D trees and wooden leaves. It’s not so easy to see what you’re doing when placing leaves, which where most of the points are usually, and it’s crowded and time-consuming to calculate with 4. Jon got 19 points from tree placement, I was last in both trees and leaves.


Nadine / Aaron 270 Jon / Yonah 130

Yonah hasn’t played much, but he played well. 3 rounds, no Tichus, but Aaron and I went out one two. I had a hand with overlapping bombs, a sequence and fives, but not much else.


A rainy seventh night of Chanukah.

Love Letter

Nadine+, Jon
Nadine+, Gili+, Jon

Jon complained and didn’t try, he never likes this game.


Oded 39 Jon 38 N 33 Gili 29

First play for Oded. Jon recorded all dice rolls by color, his result was the opposite of what he expected: the lowest roller scored the highest, and down the line. I think turn order matters a lot, ours was Gili, me, Oded, Jon. So Gili and I had to fight the high die twice, and in my experience third wins a lot because you’re first with the round 3 cards, Oded had 15 for the best one. Gili went on it before I could; I took it later for no card points, though I used it with the free yellows card. Avg rolls: Oded 2.64, Jon 3.28, Nadine 3.37, Gili 3.56.

Decrypto (Enigma in Hebrew)

Jon Oded + Nadine Gili

Gili and I lost points when I didn’t get her first clues right, and I later made us guess wrong. We did guess correctly and knew the words on the last round, but the other team had already won by then. I didn’t understand a Hebrew term which didn’t help, we were using both languages. It’s a very nice game, you need your teammate to guess correctly, and the other team not to.

Alien Lior

Red 7

Lior+ Bill Jon Nadine

I lost pretty quickly.

Bride of Frankenstein Prototype

Lior 48 Nadine 48 Jon 42 Oded 39 Bill 37

Bill did better than the score looks, he had 15 coins that he couldn’t count. Jon added rainbow cards, to help with meeting color bonuses. I had 3 rainbows and an 8 point card, and one other card, and got both bonuses.

Alien Frontiers

Lior+ Oded Jon Nadine

Lior was way ahead and could place where he wanted, which would affect all the other positions. He said he would have made me be second because he stole from me more. Jon had the can’t steal card, I think it’s worth taking even if you have to steal it.

Bride of Frankenstein


Jon, Haim

Bride of Frankenstein Prototype

Jon+, Nadine, Haim

Jon is developing this, so we critiqued during the game. It seems good, he wants to figure out if it’s too similar to Frankenstein.

Empires: Age of Discovery III

Jon 122 Nadine 101 Aaron 88 Haim 54

Jon has the regular version, this update is Aaron’s, his favorite game so he was thrilled to play. First play for Haim. It’s not that different from the regular version. The buildings are uneven, and you don’t really control which one you get. Jon didn’t like the player powers, mainly because they interfere with your regular placements. Haim went first almost every turn, and took a lot of extra people, but he had fewer on the board. Jon had three sets of three chips, I had two sets of four by the end. Aaron had a powerful combination with a building that gave him a monk, and one that let each monk bring two people, and his player power was to rearrange the colonize track once. I got a building at the end that gave 4 VPs per person on the get extra people track, it is of no use last round so I placed 5, Jon got 4 points for each of 4 discovery cards.


Nadine Haim 900 Jon Aaron 400

A few rounds with no Tichus. We all made our Tichus, no GTs. Haim and I went out first and second twice, once with a Tichu, but Aaron should have gone out before me. I had one card, Jon had around 5. Jon played a 6 and I passed, Aaron also passed. Jon played a 3, and I played over it with my 4. Aaron had Q, 3, 2 2, Jon explained that he should have taken it with the Q, played the pair, and gone out.

Aaron called Tichu on a hand, and called for a 2 with the Mah Jong, I played last and bombed with 2s. Aaron asked why I bombed if I wasn’t calling Tichu, he forgot he had called for a 2. I played KKQQ with 6 cards left, so Jon bombed after Aaron passed, which he shouldn’t have, though if I had a 6 card straight I might have called Tichu. Aaron had a good hand, with a bomb that he didn’t need and played after all his other cards were out. I had a 5 card straight from the 3, Jon had the same so he went out before me but after Haim.

Top of the Cathedral

Architects of the West Kingdom

Nadine 34 Jon 28 Haim 19 Yonah 17

Jon got this game from his Secret Santa. I forgot that I had played until I saw the board. I did the same thing as last time, focused on the cathedral. I got to the top there, and in Virtue, and built one low-point card giving 2 points for being highest in the cathedral. Yonah and Haim also went in the cathedral. We played the basic game, and reshuffled the cathedral cards, which helped me because I didn’t need to rush. Jon still doesn’t like the rewards, he thinks they’re too strong, but there isn’t agreement about this on bgg, partly because they’re not supposed to be reshuffled, reducing the advantage of getting to the top. The highest level is only a gain of 4 points plus the reward card. I went to the black market twice at the beginning of the game which helped me a lot, after that I was too high in Virtue to use it, and I never captured people. They captured a lot of mine, but I only spent two moves getting them out of jail. I only got one apprentice, at the end. I needed one resource to build an additional card for 7 points when the game ended. Jon had the most buildings.

The pacing is interesting, the cathedral makes the game shorter. The middle black market spot seems way too weak, barely worth going to even if you’ll make one person get a debt. Turn order is compensated by one coin, which is not enough, and Jon pointed out that you don’t get an even number of turns even though we did because Jon ended the game. Ours was Yonah, me, Haim, Jon.


Jon, Haim, Yonah
Nadine, Jon, Haim

We didn’t finish either game. Jon was ahead by around 20 when we stopped playing the second game.