The longest game

Lo Ra

Yonah 36 Gili 35 Jon 32 Nadine 19 Aaron 10

First play for Yonah, we needed a short 5-player game while waiting for Noam and Avishag, but it was the longest game of Lo Ra I’ve played.


Gili 61 Yonah 60 Nadine 38

First play for Yonah. I only did pyramids, I was at the top of 2. But Gili and Yanah each had end game buildings, and I didn’t. Yonah also got points on the skull wheel. Gili and Yonah reversed beating each other by one point.

La Granja

Aaron 70 Jon 66 Avishag 66 Noam 54

First play for Noam and Avishag. They liked it, but only understand how everything worked at the end. The game lasted past 1 am, but they only started playing at 10:15 after Jon taught the game. Avishag had 5 pigs by the end, gaining 3 via cards from the first two. Aaron had borrowed the game and played a few times. We had a discussion and rules lookup about the Tenant card. In previous games we had been playing that opponents can pay to use the die, but the card actually says use and take.

I win Terraforming Mars (well, tie)

Love Letter

Yonah and I played 3 rounds, he won 2, first play for him.

Red 7

Jon, Yonah, Nadine

We played one round before Eliezer arrived, I lost.

Terraforming Mars

Nadine 65 Eliezer 65 Yonah 46 Jon 33

First play for Yonah and Eliezer. I’m not good at this game and don’t know what I’m doing, I’m not sure what happened. I collected resources and played cards, and paid for some board actions. I did understand that forests near cities score for a city, I had 2 cities with forests. I didn’t raise my production much, just energy and plants. I was ahead on the terraforming track and got the bonus for 35, but others got more bonuses than I did.

Yonah played 13 blue cards which have permanent positive effects, Eliezer had 4, Jon had 1, I had none, and never drew any. Yonah didn’t play on the board, but had a huge production system going with his cards. Jon had at least 3 cities and forests around them but I had more total tiles. I think Eliezer got a lot of points from bonuses. I spent barely any money buying cards, that may have helped.



We were going to try to play a full game of Heaven and Ale, but we ended up being 5 players.

No Thanks

Yonah 9  Gili 13  Jon 17  Nadine a lot more


Jon 118  Gili 86  Aaron 83  Nadine 78  Yonah 74

First play for Yonah, Aaron hasn’t played much. Gili likes the game a lot and is good at it; Jon played well. He had 5 villages, Gili had 4, the rest of us 2. I did fruit, including the fruit god, but I could tell it wouldn’t be enough. In order to get double fruits, I couldn’t get many round points. Gili and Yonah had extra points for ropes, but only one or two. Jon and Gili had boats and the boat gods, but only single. It was the first time I didn’t take any boats, I guess not a good idea, and I usually don’t do fruit.



Frankenstein (It’s Alive, Candle Quest)

Nadine S 50  Nadine 50  Yonah 45  Aaron 33

I finished my board first, with no money left. We all expected Yonah to go out first because he had a lot of cards, but some were duplicates. First play for Yona and Nadine S. The 2019 Invedars version of Jon’s game.

No Thanks

Yonah -2  Aaron 19  Jon 20  Nadine S 21  Nadine 36

Nadine S 13 Nadine 14 Yonah 17  Aaron 29  Jon 63

First play for Yonah and Nadine S. They got good combinations, especially Yonah who had at least 6 cards in a row.

Heaven and Ale

Jon Nadine Aaron Yonah

We started late so only played half the game. Jon was in a good board movement position, and Aaron had tons of money. I feel like there’s not enough control, though I know that’s not true once you understand the game.


Noam  Avishag  Nadine S

They also started late and stopped halfway through.


Aaron had the good idea of teaching this to Yonah while Jon was teaching Village. It was nice to play in person, even if it was only 2 rounds. Second hand I had a six card bomb to the King that I didn’t notice til after I passed Jon my Ace, he passed the Phoenix. We played a round or two, then Aaron called Tichu, and I called right after him, playing a Jack. I had the bomb, low six card straight with the Phoenix, and a ten. I passed a few more rounds, Jon got the Dragon out though it didn’t matter to me because I didn’t have any Aces. I played my ten, bomb, and went out. It turns out Aaron couldn’t go over my straight, Jon went out after me.

Quick play

Yonah found us through the blog.

Five Tribes

Nadine 169 Jon 139 Yonah 124

We were pretty close in most areas, I had a bit less in camels and Jon had less money. He had 30 in palaces using a Djinn, I had 25 in yellows, the others tied so neither got points. Jon had an 8 card set, I had 9 with 2 wild cards from a Djinn. Jon and Yonah both made bidding mistakes, bidding like 8, then realizing that the move they wanted didn’t work. First play for Yonah, he caught on well and played on his own, he had a lot in camels but no big card sets.


Yonah 64 Nadine 60 Jon 58

Also first play for Yonah. No major negative points. Jon was the only one to get 5 of a color.