Plus 40


Jon++ David


Aaron 97, Jon 91, Roy 82, Nimrod 82

First play for Aaron, Roy and Nimrod, good job Aaron!

Power Grid

David 18 18 +33 Gili 18 18 +24 Nadine 18 18 +10 Haim 18 16

Haim has less experience playing Power Grid, and this was his and Gili’s first time playing with the 4 top cards of the deck exposed. Haim only built to 16 cities. David won by less than usual. During Step 1, David built away from me instead of blocking me. On the last round both Gili and I upgraded plants to increase our capacity from 17 to 18, David already had 18. We were all able to build to 18, but David still had more money. We played on the US board on the East coast, as usual.

Hansa Teutonica

Nadine F+, Noam, Colin

First play for Colin.


David / Jon 1060, Haim / Nadine 40

Jon and David are better players, but this was mostly luck with great cards. I called Tichu first hand with 3 Aces, Jon had the cards to block me, but the score was only 30 to -30. After that they went out first and second several times, and made Tichus and GTs. When Haim had a good hand and called Tichu, both Jon and David had red flush bombs, and went out first and second. By the end, Haim and I were glad to at least reach a positive score.


Nefarious Pioneers

Welcome back Aaron, proud father of a 3-month-old son. Nefarious was at my house because someone had returned it last week, it’s good I decided to bring it back instead of waiting.


Nadine 15 David 12

Dumping is -4, we both ended up dumping, David was ahead til he did.

Pioneer Days

Jon 67, Aaron 61, Haim 56, Gili 55

First play for all except Jon. They played with advanced characters.

Notre Dame

Nadine 68 Sarah 68 David 60

First play for Sarah. She went in Notre Dame each round, last round she was the only one, and by the end of the game got 2 extra victory points from the garden. David had 7 in the victory point sector by the end, I thought he’d catch up but he didn’t. I got the extra victory point in the first round which helped. Sarah asked David for advice on passing cards and selecting actions when she wasn’t sure which was best.


Jon 21 Nadine 15+ David 15 Haim 15   Sarah 14

I had the most money so won the tie for second. First play for Sarah. Jon did a good job keeping 5 cards which gave him 5 points with the twist. We kept losing cards from inventions. The other twist was you lost a minion if you don’t have as many inventions as minons, we also lost minions from inventions.

Grand Austrian Hotel


Jon+, David+


Jon 100, Shay 94, Haim 147

Tigris and Euphrates

Jon 14/14/17/20, Haim 10/11/11/12, Shay 12/12/12/14

First play for Shay.

Grand Austrian Hotel

Gili 181, Avi 159, David 157, Nadine 145

First play for all but Gili. Good game, not much player interaction, and too slow with 4. I did OK til the last round when I almost couldn’t do anything, and lost 10 points for missing a bonus that all the others got.


Suburbia with a view

We met at Jon’s new place, which looks great for game days, with a huge balcony overlooking Jerusalem.


David++, Jon+

R Eco

Avi 21 – 6 15
Haim 5 – 2 3
Nadine 7+4 11

Five Tribes

Nadine 159, Avi 151, Haim 110, Denis 91

First play for Denis, Avi and Haim had played once a while ago.


Jon 148, David 141, Colin 68

First play for Colin.


Haim and David 470, Avi, Nadine, Jon 930

Jon, David and I took turns switching out.



Love Letter

Haim 2, Jon 1, Nadine 0

Jon reconfirmed that he doesn’t like the game.


Jon 37 1 blank, Nadine 36 0 blank, Nadine F 29 6 blanks, Haim 18 4 blanks, Colin 9 7 blanks

First play for Nadine F, Colin and Haim. We hadn’t played in years so we all made mistakes. I didn’t block Jon when I could have, by taking the Sow action to bake bread, but I don’t like being competitive that way, though that is the point of worker placement games, and I probably would have won.


Thank Clank


Jon 88, Shay 117, Denis 101, Gili 91

Shay: I had a lucky day,and I am also good at evaluating cards in this type of game. Gili had a lot of tomes
Jon: I died one turn before my escape, about 3 turns before the game ended. I had the 10 and 30 amulets, but even with the extra 20 points I would not have won. I didn’t do badly, everyone else did better.


Jon+, Gili

No Thanks

Denis 26, Gili, Jon
Shay+, Jon, Denis
Denis+, Shay, Jon