More girls, more girls!

Love Letter

Nadine+ Yonah

We played one round, he discarded the Countess so I guessed he had the Princess.


Nadine 193 Oded 186 David 157 Yonah 157

First play for Oded and Yonah, they both liked the game. Oded had the fewest white tokens, but had the most boys and girls on the board and the most tiles, so it looked like he’d win. We all came closer to him by the end. On the last turn, Oded got 20 points for having a girl in each city, but he gave up on a better die to stay below the threshold. Yonah had extra tiles that didn’t count because he didn’t have 3.

David was doing well, but only got boys on a big dice roll when he needed girls, though he played a token so he could get a girl later in the round. We all needed girls because the threshold extension needed girls every round except the last one. I also rolled too many boys, if I had known beforehand I would have played a 6 instead of a 5 die. I realized I couldn’t extend, and the bonus wasn’t that important, so I chose high die to save money, I had 3 sixes and a five. I was surprised that I won, I thought not having five to pay for points would make my position worse. But then I figured out that if I paid 3 instead of 4 for a girl, I’d have 5 florins, gaining 3 points. All of use except Oded were strong on the Books track. We also all had tokens on a career track which is necessary. I think I had the most tokens which helps. The game is relatively easy to understand for new players.

Terraforming by 4 MegaCredits


Jon+ Gavriel
First time drafting for Gavriel.

Jon 53, Yonah 43, Gavriel 42, Nadine 38
Yonah 53, Noam 49, Nadine 46, Jon 38, Gavriel 36

First play for some. First game I drew lots of Villagers, which messed me up once when I drew a 6 with no money to supplement my 5 so I had to toss a card. Next game I didn’t get any Villagers but it didn’t help enough. There was good auctioning, it’s a good game.

Terraforming Mars
Jon 61+ 56 cash, Yona 61+ 52 cash, Nadine 54, Noam 53

Noam picked this because it’s his favorite game, he knows all the cards and strategies, second play for Yonah. I took the basic card, because I didn’t feel like calculating which cards to keep. I did OK, but didn’t have enough good cards that I could play because of restrictions that I didn’t pay enough attention to; I didn’t do game bonuses. I wanted to get my income up, but didn’t have cards to increase that or most other production. I had a card that got animals for half a point per built city, in general I wanted to do Leaves. But I got stolen from twice, once 3 and once 8, which makes the game less fun because you should play defensively. Jon and Yonah had good setups and production, and Noam also played a lot of cards. The game is pretty balanced since I ended up doing OK.

Sukkot Games Day 5782

Gili also hosted gaming at her new store. Jon played two games simultaneously most of the day.

Jon 38 Aaron 36
Dominion Renaissance
1) Jon 36, Nadine 30
2) Jon 36, Nadine 30, Tzvi 18
First play of Dominion for Tzvi. I did a money strategy both games, it would have worked if I had shuffled better, and in the last game I should have bought a Duchy at the end instead of an action card, though that was only a 3 point difference.
La Granja
Jon 68 Nadine 65 Tzvi 64 Gavriel 51
First play for Tzvi and Gavriel, one reason the game went slowly.
Aaron 71 Lior 59 Jon 49
Tzvi 106 Jon 98 Nadine 88
First play for Tzvi. We stopped after a few hands.
Alien Frontiers
When the game stopped, Lior was in the lead, Nadine second, then Tzvi and Jon. First play for Tzvi. Jon quit after he got annoyed that he lost resources to stealing almost every round. There is also nothing to do in between turns, because the board changes and you need to see your roll. BGG has a lot of variants to reduce downtime and balance the stealing. There is some luck in getting a protection from stealing card. Tzvi also wanted to stop playing, and I was also fine with it even though I was doing better than usual. Lior had picked the game and really likes it.
Jon 32 Tzvi 28 Nadine S 19
First play for Tzvi and Nadine S
Nadine + Queen of Hearts Yonah Mother Gothel, he ended with 7 of 10 Trust needed to win, Lior Jaffar. Yonah brought his expansions, and I brought a few characters from the base game. My third play. The customized villain and fate decks are excellent. The first time I tried to take a shot I missed, the fate card total was much higher than my wicket total. We realized that I need to use multiple widgets, and that I shouldn’t have discarded the spear which adds strength. The second time I took a shot, 4 cards of zero value were drawn, so that was lucky.
Jon 22 Yonah 20 Lior 17 Nadine 16
Twists: Lose all your money when you play an Invention, discard and redraw all your cards after you play an Invention.

Late Summer Gaming

August 25
Jon 98 Tzvi 88 Victoria 70
Jon+ David
Jon 16 Victoria 6 Tzvi 13
Alien Frontiers
with some rules confusion

September 1

David++ Jon
David+ Jon
Lee 117 Victoria 116 Jon 104
Jon 53, Lee 40 Victoria 38
Jon 37, Lee 55, Victoria 37
David 44 Oded 39 Gavriel 27

I was in California visiting family.
Wingspan x 4
Mah Jong
And I taught Parks