Tribes and Dice

7 Wonders Duel

Gili taught it to David and they started playing, but stopped and switched to other games. We were at Gili’s store so she attended to visitors.

Five Tribes

David 198 Nadine 192

We don’t usually play two-player, or where we let players think as long as they want, which worked well in this game. David didn’t remember the details of the game, I went over them and some strategies such as the Jinn that lets you take empty tiles being powerful when it’s out at the beginning. I said you have to also do other things, and play it well like taking the high scoring tiles. David took it and did an excellent job, taking the 15, 12 and 10 plus others. He got a lot of white meeples, then a lot of slaves, ending with 97 points in tiles, including palaces and trees. He also collected cards, and took a strong money move for 25 with 2 slaves. I focused on cards and palace tiles, and then yellows after I took the 3 point yellow Jinn. David didn’t fight me for yellows.

At the beginning, David paid 3 and 1 to got first and second, which gave us both 2 turns in a row. He didn’t want to keep paying that, so he switched things around and the last half of the game we didn’t have 2 turns in a row. We were surprised by how close it was. If 1 card I needed to get to 8 had been out, I would have won.

Money Cards Tiles, palaces, trees Jinns Whites and Yellows
David 56 41 97 4 0 198
Nadine 28 62 58 6 38 192

Roll Player with expansion

Oded 33 Adam 30 Leor 28

Plus for dice

Oded 36 Adam 33 Lior 30

First play for Lior and Adam.


Gili 77 Nadine 62 David 61

First play for David, who said the game has too much luck. He had bad luck at the beginning, which affects the whole game, but he caught up. Gili was ahead the whole time. She had a lot of red and orange, I had a lot of blues. David usually beat us in blacks.


Oded 63 Lior 59 Adam 41

First play for Lior

Capturing Puppies


Daniel 48 Nadine 37 Jon 35 Yonah 31

First play for Daniel and Yonah, who both liked the game. Daniel scored a lot with a synergetic combination of Joust, 4 red die, and the card that provides plus 5. He had 4 meeples in the red building before the card came out. Jon was kicked off two meeple spots, not by me, but then kicked me off more; last round I only got 1 die. But the income somewhat makes up for it, we actually all had enough money at the end to buy dice. I misread the number needed for the cathedral because I looked at the rules rather than at my bonus card, I could easily have added one more to get to 7.


Yonah: Yzma + Daniel: Cruella Jon: Scar Nadine: Pete

First play for all except Daniel. Daniel brought this, I had heard a lot about this game, which is popular and has 6 versions including a Marvel one. We played the stand-alone expansions Perfectly Wretched and Evil Comes Prepared. I liked the decks customized to match the characters, and it’s the type of easy deck I can handle. Jon didn’t like the ‘take that’ aspect, nor the amount of luck or that you have to wait while others play. Yonah had to find a certain Hero to win, luck-based, so it could have happened faster.

I liked figuring out how and in which order to work on my Goals, Pete has 4 easier goals instead of one harder one. I had the cards to win on my next turn. Attacking others didn’t help me or Daniel, who was focused on collecting puppies, but we did play them when available. The integrated theme and evil Disney characters are the main attraction of the game. It would be interesting to play different characters to some extent, but I don’t know that I’d want to play any more than once. The attacking is weak, so it’s not really an attack game. I see it as attracting a Munchkin type player, and Daniel said it’s a good introduction to its gaming mechanics. BGG forums have people suggesting how to shorten downtime, such as simultaneous play for non-interactive actions.

When I lived in LA we went to Disneyland once a year, and watched Pete in Steamboat Willie, Mickey Mouse’s 1928 debut cartoon and the first one with synchronized sound, in the Main Street Cinema Classic Movie Palace.

Bad ale

Kitty Bitty

Jon got this to play with grandchildren, so we played a bit to check it out. Daniel was ahead when we stopped.


Jon 75 Nadine 55 Daniel 45

First play for Daniel. Jon got all of one color.

Heaven & Ale

Jon 86 Daniel 41 Haim 34 Nadine 12

First play for Daniel. Jon and Haim had a lot of barrels, but Jon was far ahead on the board. Jon did a good job investing, and using discs later in the game which is the right way to do it. I made a major mistake by not placing for money early on, even though I know better, and you can’t recover.

Things we played wrong: turn order, activation and triggering of monks, placing discs just for cards, disc activation.


Nadine Jon 455 Haim Daniel 145

First play for Daniel. We played 3 rounds. Jon called and made 2 Tichus, I made 1. Daniel called Tichu against Jon, Jon had 2 aces, Dragon and Phoenix, and I had an ace, so Daniel had a good hand but no entries.

Welcome back Haim!

La Isla

Yonah 124 Nadine 88 Gavriel 80

First play for them, and I didn’t remember how to play. The game is interesting, good choices but you don’t have the control you want, it still depends on what cards you get. Yonah was good at focusing early, he had a lot of one type, the most chips overall, and was the only one to have one of each.

Score before end game scoring: Nadine 72 Yonah 69 Gavriel 61


Yonah 99 (+30) Nadine 28

We played two rounds, the first time I haven’t had a numbers bomb twice in a row. We had never told Yonah about betting, so he would have bet 30 on his second hand, he had a good hand and a high numbers bomb.

Cities and Knights

Jon 13 Sharon 12 Haim 7

Sharon was 1 round from winning. Haim and Sharon have played Catan but not Cities and Knights.

Gili’s New Game Store

We played at the grand opening of Gili’s store in Beit Alliance. People from our group who don’t usually attend were there, nice to see them, and players not in our group also.


Yoni 49 Jon 48 Oded 48 Nadine 35

First play for Oded and Yoni, who is not in our group. I didn’t pay much attention to bonus points, and made a mistake by playing a 3 next to a marked 3 spot. And it felt like my color rolled the least, which is possible.

Isle of Cats

Jon 82 Nadine 63 Oded 52 Yoni 24

I had heard a lot about this game and wanted to try it. Jon said I wouldn’t like it at all because it’s tetris type tile placement. I did need to spend some time figuring out placements, but that’s not the main point of the game. You need to have a strategy, and get money and baskets in order to place the cats. A lot to think about and balance, a nice game. We had the Kickstarter components. First play for all.

Rune Stones

Yonah 67 Victoria 54

First play for both

Above and Below

Rafi 59 Cliff 48