Difficult Dresses


Aaron 82 Nadine F 71 Jon 65 Nadine 56

Aaron’s first play, Nadine F’s second. I didn’t invest in the income spots which hurt me, and I took first player a lot to get good cards, but I had to pay 5 for them. It did hurt Jon, but that’s not a good enough reason. I had a card for a discount on red dresses, and a card that gave money for yellow and red dresses, but I didn’t get to use them that often. Everyone else had more circle spots on the board. The game is fine, but you don’t have as much control as in other games, the planning is more limited.


Nadine 292 Jon 239 Aaron 152

We played to 250. None of us understand the game well enough, but it’s very interesting. Aaron bet 30 on the last hand, partly because he was behind, but he misread a card sequence and went out last. I went out first on two hands that weren’t that good, I almost bid on a good hand with 4 10’s, but I didn’t go out first. I mostly try to get points, but it doesn’t always work. I had 2 low bombs, I think the others each had one.

Slow Clans


Aaron 59 (with a little help from Jon), Jon 48
Aaron: A lot of help šŸ˜‰


Aaron 40, Jon 36

Jon: Myrmes has 9 rounds, where you have to plan at the beginning of each round the bonus you want for that round (and maybe the next 2 rounds, as well). It’s challenging unless you have played a few times. It’s also very tough to get everything you need. I like it.Ā Targi is good, but sometimes your moves are a bit forced.

Clans of Caledonia

Nadine F 161, Oded 137, Nadine 128

First play for Oded and Nadine F. Oded had heard of the game and wanted to learn it. The game took a long time, partly because of having to learn the game. Nadine F had contracts that gave her a lot of points. She tied with Oded for first place in settlements, they also tied for second place in most contracts. They both caught on to the game well. Nadine Clan Buchanan with extra contract space, Oded Clan Stewart with money for the market, Nadine F Mackenzie with money for whiskey.



Drawing Monsters

Paranormal Detectives

Lior+, Jon, Gili, Nadine, Yonah. Gili was the ghost, first play for everyone else.


Jon 71, Gili 65, Yonah 45, Nadine 33

I didn’t realize the condition that houses don’t count if they’re near mountains so I lost points for that. Jon had tons of houses, I had 8 gold. First play for all except Gili, a nice game, though spatial.

One point off


Jon, Noam, Gili, David, Nadine, Yonah

First play for Yonah. Noam did well, especially as a hebrew speaker competing against natives.


Gili 78, Nadine 67, David 60

First play for me and David, second for Gili. It’s a nice game, too abstract-ish for me.

Nadine 62, Gili 60, David 42

First play for David. I got 14 negative points on my last turn; I had two verticals, as did Gili, but I also had all 5 of a color.

Castles of Burgundy

Jon 215, Yonah 214, Tair 201, Noam 197

First play for Yonah, who did very well.



Jon 67 Yonah 56 Nadine 47 Gili 44

First play for Gili and Yonah. Jon did a good job with cards and board placements, he also went first which is an advantage.

7 Wonders

Jon 54 Gili 49 Yonah 49 Nadine 46

Jon ended with 8 greens in 3 groups. First play for Yonah. My board gave me a discard rather than 5 points for middle pyramid, I would have done better with the 5 points.