More Dresses – Yes, Rokoko Again


Jon 75  Nadine 70  David 64

David’s first play, and much closer scores overall than in previous plays, except for Haim and Jon’s tie. I think my cheap dress strategy can work, Jon is just better at planning and optimizing. David made a few minor mistakes due to it being his first game. I think getting a gold card early helps a lot, but can be overcome, though maybe not by me. We took the income spots, Jon made 10 points with the 3 for 1 money card, and he had the 3 fireworks and cost 20 for the 8 points for colored dresses, David took the next one, and he got points for cubes, and had fireworks. I had one counter left at the end, got the 5 hall bonus, and I got the 3 dresses for one point card when it came out but couldn’t use it every round because by then I had too many cards, though I got points for cards at the end, and for pairs of dresses. We all like the game.


David ++  Jon

Jon built a speed deck, and then the luck of the draw didn’t have him pull any of his small creatures. They drafted Eldritch Moon and Shadows over Innistrad.

Rainy Rokoko

Very cold and stormy evening, but us hardy souls made it.


Haim 66+  Jon 66  Nadine 61  Gili 44  Nadine F 41

First play for Nadine F, Gili played once before over a year ago. The game is hard because you feel like you don’t have control, and can’t really tell how you’re doing. I focused and dresses and got the bonus first for having them in all halls. I don’t think I placed well for area control. I didn’t try to make dresses for bonuses. Jon and Haim were prepared for the set of 4 colors one, and also used red cards. Haim and Nadine F did well with income. Jon had a hard time at the beginning because he went last so didn’t get a card. He took first player, but next round there were no gold cards available. I took one or two cards, they’re good but don’t always seem worth it, and it’s an action to get rid of cards. I had a cloth discount card which is actually very helpful. Gili also had a hard time because what she wanted to do got blocked. Haim won the tie on money. Haim’s income the last round was 19. Nadine F got 19 points from her money card, but would have gotten around 5 more if she had realized and bought the card with 3 for 1 instead of 4 to 1, we should have pointed it out. The game does take too long with 5 players, and you can’t plan ahead much.

French dresses


Jon and Haim played two rounds to learn the rules.


Jon 75
Haim 46
Nadine 50

First play for all. Jon said he liked the game. I’m not sure. The decisions don’t seem that complicated. It’s good to have some strategic plans, such as aiming for certain end game cards and spots, but mainly you want the right cloth to make high value dresses, and good cards when they come out. Jon understood the game and points much better than we did, and he played well, which is easier when we don’t understand things and therefore not competing for them. He took good cards, had high point dresses in the top row, with multipliers. Haim had a lot of dresses on the board and also bought cards, I had a small deck. I took the card for goods and had 5 of each. Somehow the decisions in La Granja seem much harder because they’re immediately connected, and the calculations are difficult; Terraforming Mars was also more interesting.

Bloom Town and Rune Stones

Love Letter

Haim +++ Nadine

Rune Stones

Gili 65  Haim 56  Aaron 55  Nadine 47

First play for us, Gili’s 4th time, first win. I’m not sure if I like it, the actions seem pretty repetitive, with not that much difference between the cards. Cute components.

Bloom Town

Gili 49  Aaron 46  Haim 42  Nadine 28

First play except for Gili. I didn’t use my double. And it’s spatial, but good if you know what you’re doing. A pretty, fast tile placement game, each of 5 types scores differently when you place it.

New Games

Jon has lots of new games due to the free Amazon shipping to Israel, until now shipping games here has been too costly.


David ++ Jon +


Lior 3, Jon 3, David, Nadine

Jon and Lior like the game and are good at it, the opposite for me and David.


Nadine F, Lior, Haim

First play for all, they liked the game and played twice.

Terraforming Mars

Aaron 70 Ecoline, David 62 Hellion, Nadine 54 Saturn, Jon 49 Thorgate

Third play for Jon, second for David, first for me and Aaron. It’s a good game with multiple paths and interesting decisions. We discussed whether the starting corporations make it too unbalanced. Aaron dominated the board due to Ecoline, David’s power also helped him, Jon was short of money, but had kept 10 cards at the beginning. I ignored Awards and Milestones, I got 4 points for second places. I didn’t realize there were rewards on the board until later in the game. I had a Pet card early, my other cards with cube points only had one or none, I kept only two cards at the beginning, as did Aaron.




Jon++, David.

We drafted Kaladesh/Aether Revolt. My deck was once again more synergistic than his. Plus, he played three color and never drew his third color cards in each game.

Terraforming Mars

Jon 72, David 68 or thereabouts. First play for David, second for me. We played basic corps. A long game, but satisfying. 2-player was great. I played 3-player and it is a bit longer and the “take that” mechanics come into play.

 – Yehuda